Effects of aerobic training and resistance training on type two diabetes


There is a frequent question Should I do resistance training to help my diabetes or should I do aerobics

Researchers at the University of Ottawa epidemiological department studied this question. They studied the affects the exercise had on A1c. This is a blood test that looks at a three month picture of the blood sugar control

The improvement in HbA1c was greatest for the group that did both resistance and aerobic training. Total time exercising was greater for this group. The next best group was the aerobics group followed by the resistance group. The sedentary control group saw no improvement.

In conclusion: make sure you are not in the sedentary group. Aerobics with weight training faired the best. If you have diabetes exercise is a must. If you are not diabetic exercise is the best way to prevent it

Marilyn May B.P.H.E., N.D.

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